Half-Life: Black Mesa developers on Cockbite Radio

Uh...Cockbite Radio.

But yes, the developers of the upcoming Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa were on episode 5 of Cockbite Radio (there's that name again) this past Wednesday to discuss all things Black Mesa and how they're remaking the first Half-Life from the ground up. OC ReMixer Kevin "Lorenzo" Sisk, one of the voice actors of the game, intros the podcast. (Check for him also at the 11-minute and 53-minute marks as well.)

Kevin adds: "That screenshot [below], other than the surface tension dam, is a prime example of how the team is trying to bring the original game up to date with today's graphic standards, while preserving the game's spirit." Definitely give it that look.

Also of note for this podcast, 30 seconds in has a hilarious rant from Casey about 12-year-old boys on XBOX Live. Creepy, immature boys on the internet? Never.

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Scott said...

I was doing music for a kind of sister project "Opposing Source" [see if you can guess what that is], which was unfortunately run by a 14 year old. The BM:S guys didn't want to lend a hand and I don't blame them, doing something like that is hard work and I don't think they could spare anything. Still, kind of disappointed that my project was the one that fizzled out, because I always thought Opposing Force was cooler. Also, how and why does this box know my name, I didn't sign up for anyth