"I Hate Arrangements That Have Vocals..."

For readers of the various message boards in the amateur VGM arrangement communities, a hot button topic for some is "arrangements that have vocals".

Every once in a while at OC ReMix (you don't hear this come up much in smaller, more tight-knit communities), a fan starts a discussion specifically seeking out arrangements with vocals in them. Vocals are an expected component of almost any mainstream music one may listen to, so on that level I at least understand the expectation. While I don't understand the infatuation, I realize that for the general populace out there vocals are needed to "complete" the musical experience.

However, the opposite argument that vocals ruin music is one the most out there complaints heard in the community. And yet around these parts we hear it all the time. Go to Ormgas.com even, and within its chatbox you'll see the occasional "I wish there wasn't any singing" complaint. And then you get the always-insulting "Can I get an instrumental version?", when asked specifically because they didn't like the vocals. Granted, when it comes to video game music (especially older material), vocals are generally nowhere to be found. It's not a stretch to infer that this could condition some listeners to not want their music intruded upon by a voice.

Is it wrong for us to fall in the middle and not pick either ridiculous side? As much as there are some guys who neeeeeed vocals, I've also never heard nearly as many people on that side outright dismissing instrumental music. If I had to pick one side, it certainly wouldn't be with the vocal haters. Taking a close-minded approach to music on any level is unwelcome around VG Frequency. Make sure you outlaw it in your neighborhood TODAY.


Marty Alchin said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I don't generally expect to hear lyrics, but that's mostly based on knowing that most tracks won't have them. I'm pleasantly surprised when pixietricks comes up in my shuffle, while many others I wish would have been left out. Not because I'm categorically opposed, just because the vocals are poorly done or make no sense.

I think vocals are just like any other form of arrangement. If they fit and are done well, they're a benefit to the track. If not, they hurt it. There's certainly no sense trying to be absolute on either side.

CHz said...

I used to be anti-vocal.

That was before I learned that the best way to enjoy music is to listen to it.

DarkeSword said...

I think that I will always prefer instrumental music.