"Shinji Hosoe chronology" video at YouTube

Shinji Hosoe is one of VGM's most prolific and longest-working composers. From Dragon Spirit, an arcade game released in 1987, to Folklore, a PS3 game released on June 21 this year in Japan and set to be released some time in November in North America, Hosoe has worked on the soundtracks to more than fifty games. His highest profile works are those in the Ridge Racer series, those in the Street Fighter EX series, and the in-game music to Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (the much more well-known cutscene music was done by Yuki Kajiura, who fully scored Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra).

A friend gave me a link to a YouTube video by TYKUN called "Shinji Hosoe chronology," which samples eighteen of Hosoe's video game and original works, along with title screen or box art pictures for each work. It's a fascinating look at one of the industry's distinguished veterans:

TYKUN also has a chronology video for one of Hosoe's colleagues at Namco, Nobuyoshi "sanodg" Sano. Be sure to check it out too.


anosou said...

Wow! The bushido blade song impressed me :O
cool guy

Larry "Liontamer" Oji said...

I also enjoyed a Song of the Week entry someone had of his, "Blind Kiss", track 2 from the Be filled with feeling album, not featured in the afformentioned video.

Didn't realize that Hosoe wrote that Dragon Spirit track that virt arranged, or Bushido Blade's soundtrack.

By the way, you'll recognize the voice sampling from the Sampling Masters 2 "Octopus-3" clip in Capcom vs. SNK's "Sonic Party (Stage of PaoPao Cafe)".