8-Bit Artist, 16-Bit Genocide

Chris "8-Bit Artist" Olan is out of steam for now. As he announced this past June, he's gonna be going on an indeterminate hiatus once the upcoming video game music and art showcase 16-Bit Genocide goes down. That's Saturday, August 25th in Baltimore, MD. If I wasn't possibly headed to TooManyGames with Mad-Gear the following day in Reading, PA, I'd be there.

Garish looking promotional poster, but it gets the job done. :-D On top of the great bands there (The Protomen, Entertainment System, Powerglove, Anamanaguchi, This Place is Haunted and Temp Sound Solutions), there are gonna be some artists there also bringing the nostalgia, including Chris.

Now every time Chris posts something on his DeviantArt page, I check it out, but his recently posted piece from Super Mario All-Stars' Super Mario Bros. 3 blew me away:

Pretty swanky, eh? And many of those are configurable pieces. Read up on it.

Wait. 3 fireballs at once??? Blasphemy!

I kid, enjoy.

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