bLiNd and Leifo playlisted by Ferry Corsten

I've known Jordan "bLiNd" Aguirre and Randy "Leifo" Oxley for many years.. Leifo first hit OverClocked ReMix in 2002 with a Mario Paint ReMix entitled "BLind is Dah BomB", a tribute to the style of bLiNd. bLiNd's music was an inspiration to Leifo, and, once the two became friends and musical collaborators, Leifo vowed to move from New Jersey to Las Vegas with the intent on making his name alongside bLiNd as an electronic musician.

Given Leifo's own astronomical growth as an artist in the past 5 years and bLiNd's staunch dedication to his craft, it's not a surprise to me that these two have finally been able to gain some traction in the electronic music scene, under their collaborative name "Vega Projekt".

Aaron "Global-Trance" Wu announced today at OC ReMix that renowned DJ Ferry Corsten has included Vega Projekt's single "The First Day" on the playlist of his radio show "Corsten's Countdown", syndicated on Digitally Imported (di.fm) and XM Satellite Radio. If you register at the Ferry Cortsen forums, you'll be able to vote at the Cortsen's Countdown page for "The First Day" to make the monthly top 10 countdown. It's a quick signup and will help Vega Projekt earn more recognition with an accomplished DJ and producer.

Wu also let it be known that the track may also be may also be incorporated into an upcoming DJ set of his and is also under strong consideration for pickup by Corsten's record label, Flashover Recordings. Hopefully, this is a watershed event for Vega Projekt towards expanding their audience and gaining notice within industry circles. They've certainly given it their all thus far.

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