Cave Story creator releases simple shoot 'em up, Guxt

I'm ironically not much of a gamer, so anything having to do with actual game releases I'm bound to be slow on. DarkeSword recently made mention that Cave Story creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya released a new, even simpler free homebrew shmup called Guxt. (Have Japanese characters installed on your comp, please.) With Cave Story under his belt, Pixel's already got the buzz needed to give any new project of his a good deal of attention in the gaming community, and February's release of his most recent game has already got people talking.

I make mention of Guxt, because Pixel is not only a programmer, but a composer as well. With his one man Studio Pixel team, Amaya does it all, including the actual game music. For Guxt, that includes a standalone player program that features all 8 tracks from the soundtrack. It's classic-style VG muzak, just the way you like it: small size, tons of hooks, and very appropriate for the game setting. The Boss theme in particular is excellent.

Makes me wonder who in the community's gonna have the first well-made rearrangement from the game under their belt...

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